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I was a student at the Ohio State Fisher Business school and in my real estate class, Michael Friedman was a guest lecturer. I honestly felt I learned more with Mike Friedman’s lecture than I did the entire school year. His style and ability to simplify complicated real estate concepts was amazing. He told us about his recent 300 Million dollar acquisition that he coordinated and his details about how a “REAL TRANSACTION” was so cool!

He also had everybody in stitches with laughter, as he described the use of acronyms as a way to FAKE YOUR WAY through a real estate meeting. I  e-mailed Michael a few mos after his presentation to our class, (I asked him for his business card, and he gave it to me) and he spent 30 minutes with me on the phone assisting me with some questions I had about my first real estate job interview I going to have!

Adam Rukin

Project Manager at Pepper IoT

Adam Rukin
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