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At the beginning.

Mike began his journey by earning his BS in Public Administration from the University of Arizona and additionally a Master’s degree in Physical Education and Psychology from California State University. Mike realized himself as inspiring leader, even early into his career, as he became a highly admired high school and college basketball coach, leading his teams to many awards and victories. He  went on to conduct over 200 basketball clinics for aspiring players and coaches across the country and was often a featured speaker. Mike took these teaching skills to the classroom, and became a two-time “Professor of the Year” at Dyke College.

A smooth transition.

Many years later, Mike took this winning attitude and shifted his focus to the real estate world.  He has done over 50 seminars on investing in resort residential real estate and has spoken on wider array of topics to businesses around the country, including; sales fundamentals, inspiration for sales teams, and workplace leadership. He is considered to be an expert in teaching the science of the best recruitment and retention tools and coined the acronym, “EOM”,  standing for “Employee Ownership Mentality”. With now 30 years of experience in real estate/ sales, Mike is an extremely popular guest at universities, including the Fisher Business College, speaking to real estate classes at  The Ohio State University.

An accomplished career.

Because of Mike’s unique experiences across diverse backgrounds, he has been featured in many news publications about his transition from coaching basketball players to coaching business employees, and even had his very own local radio show, called “Ask the Business Shark.” Some important key note speeches that Mike has delivered for local and national companies include:

A. ) Millennia Housing’s annual conference with over 600 attendees.
B. ) Northwestern Mutual’s sales team, the “Weedbeaters”.

C. ) National Association of Pizza Operators’ national conferences

D. ) Las Vegas’s American Sales Summit for entrepreneurs

Mike Talks

Today, Mike aims to bring his meaningful and inspiring messages to an even wider audience. He founded Mikes Talks, with the goal of changing the lives of thousand of listeners across the country.  Book Mike today and prepare to be inspired.

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