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How to Recreate Yourself Again and Again and Again

Survival skills

Most people don’t realize that their skillsets in their chosen profession can be transferable.  What I discovered is that the foundation of my success as a basketball coach, which was based on recruiting, training, inspiring, and managing, could be used in different venues besides coaching.  You should understand that once you master the tools of business, any skill can become transferable.

It was proven to me that the stuff that I became good at as a coach ultimately remained with me when I became a restauranteur.  “Instead of competing for wins, I was competing for profits”.  When people asked me how I learned how to become a success restauranteur without any experience in the culinary industry I told them it was from coaching basketball.  My skills from coaching were completely transferable.  When I thought about this concept introspectively I realized that while my skill set had become transferable switching careers, there was something more at play here.  I began to realize that my seamless transition between one career to the next was due to my survival skills.  Transitioning from coaching to restaurants was very jarring but transitioning from restaurants to real estate was considered by most of my friends and loved ones, insane.

Overcoming your career obstacles

Here’s a previous example of how transferable skills and confidence can help land you that next job opening.  Ex. When I was interviewing for a sales executive position at a well-known real estate firm the VP of sales asked me what my experience was in real estate?  I told him, I don’t have direct experience in real estate but I have experience in never being late for a meeting in 20 years, experience in following up with all calls and emails in less than 12 hours, experience by leading by example, and experience in learning new disciplines by reading, listening, and finding new mentors.  But most importantly, I have the confidence in knowing that I can be a great real state executive because I’ve already successfully conquered the previous businesses.

Ultimately, the best thing I had going in the real state world is that I knew I could do it.  Having the previous success in other disciplines gave me the confidence to know I’d succeed.

“The faith to move a mountain is the reward for those who have moved hills”

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