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An optimistic approach to every sales call

The ability to go into every meeting with the optimism that some good event is going to happen.  Expecting positive results and acceptance with everything you’re discussing.  The reason I have been successful and have won many awards from different organizations is that I expect to close every deal that I engage in.  My expectation is always to come up with positive results.

When people say “no”, they’re not rejecting you, they’re rejecting what you’re presenting.

The best way for people to say yes is to present more “knowledge” for them to make an educated answer. The secret to turning a no into a yes is the ability to probe.  You should always ask the questions that tell you the real reason they’ve rejected your offer.

Generally, they don’t have enough knowledge to make an educated decision so it’s my job as a salesperson after learning what their objection is to address their issues with more information that will make them feel more comfortable with saying yes to my offer.  “People love to buy but they don’t like to feel like they’re being sold.”

Tenacity, the ability to be rejected and keep moving forward is key for any successful salesperson.

The single biggest reason people fail in the sales world is their inability to accept rejection.  Failure/Rejection is the natural step in eventually achieving sales success.  Sales, like everything in life, is a numbers game.  The ability to use the phrase NEXT is essential in becoming successful in sales.

Once you understand the “law of averages”, you can develop the tenacity to continue to reach out to more people.  All sales are is a numbers game.  To get a yes answer you generally need a certain amount of nos proceeding that.

Authenticity is the real secret between developing a rapport with prospects and clients.

My success is always being myself.  People instinctually know when you’re trying to be somebody else, or you’re trying to persuade them on something you don’t believe.  The definition of sales is the transfer of passion. So the true successful salesperson is only articulating what they believe in.

The only best way to become great in sales is to believe in what you’re selling.  Many salespeople fail because they don’t truly believe in the product or service and they try to pretend that they do or try and be somebody else. You gotta be yourself, people know you’re not being yourself.

Follow-through is the trait that most people fail to do that prevents them from being successful in the world of sales.

It’s amazing how many people don’t know how close they are to closing a sale which just a little bit more follow through.  Follow-through can be a simple thank you, can be a summary of your meeting or can highlight the details of your next steps.

Sales can be broken down into three simple terms:

Trust: doing what you say, and saying what you do.

Likeability: Is a generally a natural trait that can’t be trained.  An organic bond between a salesperson and sales prospect.

Respect: In order to gain respect from your client, you need to be knowledgeable of what you’re selling.

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